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Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 2 Ultra Blade

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The Fish With Gary™ System 2 Ultra Dodgers present the very highest "in the water" visibility for maximum contrast. When coupled with a matching FWG lure, the combination provokes a reactive bite in many instances where regular dodgers and lures are ignored by your target fish.

These Ultra Dodgers incorporate the highly successful reverse offset recurve blade in an ultralight design. Because these dodgers have no "speed limit," you can target not only Kokanee, but also Trout (Bows and Browns), freshwater Kings, Lake Trout and fast moving Cohos. Just pick your target speed and do it.

These Dodgers also have the unique FWG willow blade spinner up-front to enable a maximum color presentation. Short leaders are preferred, about 6-8" behind dodger, (unless you are using an Apex or similar type lure, which requires a leader of about 27").

Always fish a lure that matches the color scheme of the dodger leading it. Kokanee will first key in on the dodger (attraction). The dodger color scheme imprints the Kokanee with a particular color sequence, which is best duplicated in the lure (provoking a strike). See Match The Dodger To The Correct Lure Chart to order the correct lures.

System 2 Ultra Dawna's Dream

#212 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 2 Ultra Blade Dawna's Dream: This FWG System 2 Dawna's Dream Dodger is named after one of my guide clients that was battling cancer that came back and then would go into remission and then return. This had been going on for a good many years. She loved to fish, and owned each moment on the water. The medication she took did not give her great endurance. Still, she fished with massive delight. Dawna succumbed in December, 2011. We miss her greatly. Dawna got to see this design named in her honor before she passed. I designed it without consulting her. But when she saw it, she told me it was absolutely her most favorite color.

This FWG System 2 DAWNA'S DREAM DODGER is the ultimate in extended visibility and attraction. Intensely fluorescent (UV reactive), it maintains vital contrast with the surrounding water at all depths of the water column where any light penetrates. The highly fluorescent UV green blade is complimented by UV Chartreuse holographic pads – both sides. The up-front UV green spinner pivots on metallic green beads. This is without question my #1 setup, particularly in the earliest daylight hour.

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System 2 Ultra Glow

#211 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 2 Ultra Blade Glow: This FWG System 2 ULTRA GLOW Dodger is the ultimate in EXTENDED GLOW visibility. At depths where there is still good to fair light available, its natural white pigment maintains a bright vital contrast in the water delivering a profile that fish cannot ignore. At depth where there is very little or no light, this dodger comes into its own with bright extended glow. The glow is so bright that you could read a book in the dark if properly charged. Charging is best in natural sunlight.

Qty @ $7.99

System 2 Ultra Hot Orange

#214 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 2 Ultra Blade Hot Orange: This is a very bright dodger. And the deeper it goes in the water column, the more peach orange it becomes, while maintaining its exceptional brightness. Hot UV Orange throughout. A very serious presentation for Kokanee and for trout.

Qty @ $7.99

System 2 Ultra Hot Pink

#213 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 2 Ultra Blade Hot Pink: Here is the most hot pink possible in any dodger attractor. All components are Hot UV. This hot pink sizzles all the way down the water column, without any fade.

Qty @ $7.99

System 2 Dodger White Lightning

#218 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 2 Ultra Blade White Lightning: This dodger has taken the Kokanee and trout world by storm. The blade is solid fluorescent ("UV") white, giving maximum visibility. The up-front spinner is also UV white, with metallic pink beads. This dodger is Hall of Fame deadly.

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System 2 Dodger Ultra Hot Blue

#219 Kokanee Attracting Dodgers System 2 Ultra Blade Hot Blue:    NEW   At long last a true bright fluorescent (“UV”) blue attracting dodger. More and more fishermen have happily discovered the effectiveness of blue presentations as part of their tackle arsenal. Glow pads on both sides.

Qty @ $7.99